We all strive to eat healthy. And the importance of eating healthy helps protect us from illness and diseases.

Did you know that eating leftover potatoes can result in a high risk of food poisoning.

It’s called: Botulism

Botulism is when you have breathing issues, muscle paralysis and can even cause death when the toxin’s attack the nerves.

As much as you love to eat potatoes – reheating potatoes with a microwave or even with the oven – can make you sick.

Eat safely and avoid getting sick. With every meal we eat, it is essential we focus on improving nutrition.

What you put in your body is more important now.

Eat your potatoes freshly cooked and toss out the leftovers to be on the safe side.

At Sunstone RMT, we encourage healthy eating habits and we support a healthy lifestyle – eat potatoes fresh out of the oven or mash potatoes from the stove.

Don’t forget to take care of your body holistically as a whole – your body (muscles), your mind and what you eat as well in a balanced diet.

SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR – about any new exercise you add to your routine and what the best strategy is to manage your eating habits to keep you healthy.

Next time you put leftover potatoes on your plate – remember to eat healthy.

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