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Are you having a crisis? Something sudden and unpredictable, or something building up?

How to help heal or prevent a crisis?

So you are in the tunnel with no light and dealing with a crisis…

Here is a list of positive healthy things you can do to help you cope. Use this list as a guide and do what works best for you to see the light in your life changing situation.

1. Keep busy.

Continue doing your daily household chores and routines because it keeps your mental state positive and occupied.

Staying active can include going to the gym, getting the mail, grocery shopping or going for a walk – keep your body moving and active.

2. Stay motivated.

Make your bed even though you may not feel motivated, take time to do the little things you enjoy: reading, gardening, listening to music, hanging out with positive friends.

3. Eat well and get enough sleep.

Eat healthy by using the food guide and cook your own meals. Avoid processed fast-foods, coffee and avoid processed foods. Stay hydrated.

4. Switch off.

Switch off your TV and computer however keep your cell phone on to connect with supportive friends and family. If your family is overseas connect using what works best for you.

5. Acceptance.

Accept the situation when you are ready to move forward. Healing and moving forward can start by accepting the things you can change and accepting the things you can’t change too.

6. Take a break.

Take a breather and slow down to put things in perspective. It’s time to look at the whole bigger picture and re-evaluate your life.

7. Meditation.

Try meditation to calm yourself down. What works best for your head space and to calm your nerves is different for everyone.

8. Reach out.

Reach out help – support in any positive healthy way can help you get through and solve your crisis.

9. Check in with your lifestyle.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: check in with your doctor as well to address any peripheral lifestyle negative effects to help you stay balanced.

10. Nutrition.

Eat well and ensure proper nutrition and adequate sleep are essential to overcoming your crisis.

11. Give yourself time.

Remember time heals wounds – over time you will feel better and the initial emotional intensity of the crisis will diminish.

12. See your doctor.

If your emotional level of the crisis escalates see your doctor for mental health care and support.

13. Keep Active.

Exercise and keep active can help manage your stress levels.

14. Seek professional help.

Get professional help and visit your local crisis centre for your health and wellness.

15. Leisure time.

Enjoy leisure time to find proper balance.

16. Registered Massage Therapy.

Registered Massage is another way you can relieve stress.

17. Don’t worry, be happy.

Try to not worry. Don’t overreact. Get a grip of yourself.

18. Support resources.

Look for all your support resources.

19. Stay calm.

Keep your composure and avoid any irrational actions, decisions and options.

20. Re-connect.

Re-connect to your family, friends and coworkers.

21. Let it go.

Don’t let the crisis consume all your energy.

22. Facts.

Verify and confirm the information presented to you to be informed and to better deal with the crisis accurately. Don’t rely on rumors.

23. Rest and relaxation.

Deal with the crisis when you are rested to be more effective in your solution.

24. Focus.

Stay on track to who you are and don’t lose focus. Stress may influence you to change your character but keep to your values.

25. Reciprocal Behavior.

Treat others how you want to be treated – what goes around comes around. Be kind can bring kind karma.

26. Vacation or Staycation.

Enjoy a vacation to get your mind off the crisis or a stay cation for your mental and physical health. We need to take a break to avoid burnout and deal with a crisis.

27. Me Time.

Take care of “Me”, helps you tackle the crisis.

28. Balance.

Balance your work and private life.

29. Do something you love.

Relieve stress and anxiety by doing something you love to do.

30. Take care of yourself.

You can’t change the crisis, but you can take care of yourself in healthy ways.

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