Reduce Work Stress With Massage Therapy Sunstone Registered Massage RMT

So you have work-stress and it’s draining, bringing you down and you need to do something about it.

What do you do about work-stress?

Please don’t let work-stress make you sick, that’s where you start.

Reduce Work Stress With Massage Therapy
Reduce Work Stress With Massage Therapy

The second thing is to take care of yourself.

Make time for yourself even if it’s a quick work-break (to the bathroom / massage your hands while soaping your hands or take a fake smoke break – you don’t have to smoke to have a smoke-break), this will give you time to take a deep breath and don’t forget to breathe. You need time for clarity with so much emotion involved.

Remind yourself that your health is important but also your physical health is too, this will make you stronger and more resilient to stress.

Put your plan into action and regain your balance both mind and body.

Just not think about it too much. Put it out of your mind for now and just relax. It’s not worth getting worked up about, it’s not worth getting your shorts in a knot. Don’t lose focus of the situation.

When work-stress is activated your body’s response is to tense up causing muscle tension.

Work-stress can lead to sleeping problems, high blood pressure, headaches and more.

Massage helps release tension so you feel relaxed, sleep better and improves your mood.

Just get some rest and when you feel better with massage, think your way through what you’ll do.

So just relax and get into a better state of mind. Rest is healing and massage can help you rest better.

Remember your situation at work is not defeat, now with massage you have some time to prepare with a better state of mind.


Massage is an effective work-stress relief method.

Don’t let work-stress take a toll on your well-being.

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