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So much talk about wellness at work and encouraging all employees to participate in healthy activities to contribute to employee wellbeing. So how can we achieve this?

Here are Healthy activity ideas at work and outside of work:

1) Utilizing the gym at work: is a great motivator to get in shape. Working out at work is a great way to encourage staff to live healthy and improve wellbeing. Your work day will be energized, productive and take advantage of the networking and most importantly avoid the gossip.

2) Stretch (exercise) at your desk. Extensive standing or sitting while at work can make your muscles sore. Take a few moments and try simple office stretches to avoid lack of movement that can lead to muscle pain and stiffness.

3) Utilize the exercise ball. By squeezing the ball you can support the increase in strength and circulation for those with Carpal Tunnel (CTS). Exercise your wrists and fingers with stretches with an elastic band and by using your own fingers to pull back both your fingers and your palm. One of the most recommended treatments is the use of a stress ball however, check with your physician for the best treatment and recovery for any disease, illness or condition because some exercises can make your condition worse.

4) Set up your printer away from your desk to encourage being active. By standing up and moving while at work is far better for your health. So the farther the printer is the less convenient but the more healthy. Placing the printers away from your work desk is a great way to get you and everyone standing.

5) Park farther from the work entrance. This is a calorie burner by getting more steps in your day by parking away from the front entrance can ensure physical activity.

6) Taking the bus and subway to work makes for a healthy commute in terms of being physically active. Or even better bike to work to maximize your cardio-vascular fitness, lowers blood pressure, boosts energy and build muscle while along a bike path safely.

7) Quit smoking group at work. So you are ready to quit smoking? Coordinate a work group to quit smoking.

8) Car pooling can save you money but also can reduce stress and helps with going green with a team of your co-workers.

9) Walking club on your lunch break is a powerful activity to relieve stress and is an effective way to promote better health. Walking with your coworkers can be easily fit into your daily regular work day and can be a real impact on your health.

10) Company sports team. Let’s call it TEAM Health!

11) Participate in a charity fitness challenge. Create a workplace challenge that encourages your employees to raise money for a charity. You will get a great workout and feel fitter. Give back to the community while keeping healthy. Support a good cause for your health and raise awareness for the cause.

12) Have a meeting with no chairs. (standing meeting). Sitting for extended periods can cause health problems. Meetings that are without chairs takes the meeting to a new level of productivity.

13) Yoga has many poses of which some can be done at your desk. With easy chair yoga poses you can keep your back healthy and your mind sharp. Why not try some movements throughout your work day while you’re seated to strengthen your body. Yoga can be a great step in becoming more zen and centered in your office chair and also keeping your posture straight.

14) Breathing at work. Take a breather. Diaphragmatic breathing has shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress responses and improve concentration.

15) Sleep well. Having a good nights sleep makes your feel better, effects your heart, weight and mind health. Healthy sleep goes a long way without using sleeping pills.

16) Spend time with family. Family time is spending ‘quality time’ with loved ones contributing to your health and wellbeing. Do fun things together and things you enjoy.

17) Spend time with your pets. There is a lot we can learn from our pets. Spending time with our pets has shown benefits both in health and wellbeing.

18) Connect with your positive hobbies after work. Having a healthy hobby can improve your quality of life and give you something to do that’s fun. Keep healthy, active and busy.

19) Sign up for Overtime only when you are rested. Take your rest period to help maintain your health and safety. What good are you at work when you are unrested.

20) Healthy potlucks. Become the host of a healthy work potluck to encourage wellness.

21) Mental health program. Take some time off work and get the professional help that you need. It is important to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.

22) Utilize the stairs at work. Take the stairs at work is a fitness tool and a way to cope with work related stress.

23) Employee assistance. Most companies have an employee assistance program that helps you and your immediate family members cope with personal difficulties. This is an option that can help your health and your life.

24) Massage at work is the key to managing workplace stress. There are many benefits of corporate massage and massage for the workplace. Massage therapy is used for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain conditions. Massage helps increase blood circulation for healing. Regular massage therapy can increase your health, well-being and help with healing. Massage can help you with learning stretches to help with better flexibility, soothe muscle tension, aches and pains. Massage plays a role in promoting health and reducing stress.











Wellness program ideas are useful to make you healthy. All of which are powerful initiatives to reducing stress and improving your workplace. Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle through healthy activities for better wellness.

Make wellness important to you and your company by adopting a healthy way of living. A healthy life means a healthy body. Set yourself on track to health today!

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