Counting To Fall Asleep But Don't Count Sheep

Are you a light sleeper and always struggle to fall asleep?

Having trouble falling asleep?

Find the best way to fall asleep.

Are you trying too hard and can’t fall asleep – try something that is simple.

Here is a trick to falling asleep fast that works.

Visualizing numbers!

Start at 100 and count backwards. Close your eyes and give it a try. Visualize the numbers 100… 99… 98… 97… 96… 95… 94… 93… 92… 91… 90… and so on…

Start at 1 and count forwards…

Put a rhythm to your counting.

So you can switch to numbers instead of counting sheep.

If you are still having trouble falling asleep, speak to your doctor as you may have a medical reason for why you can’t sleep.

Avoid insomnia and try something new that can have health benefits.

Other than counting, you can give Registered Massage Therapy a worthwhile try if you are having trouble falling asleep.

Counting To Fall Asleep But Don't Count Sheep RMT Vaughan Ontario Registered Massage
Counting To Fall Asleep But Don’t Count Sheep RMT Vaughan Ontario Registered Massage

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