Computer Anxiety And Treatment

So you work with Computers at a desk job and it causes you anxiety. What do you do to solve your computer related anxiety?

What Is Computer Anxiety?

Fear of Computers is the individual fear, reluctance or apprehension of using a computer or knowing you have to use it – anticipating the use of the computer or interacting with the computer that may causes direct abnormal anxiety or fear.

When your boss has asked you to complete a task that requires the use of the computer – you experience an uneasiness and an emotional reaction that may be a feeling of frustration or discomfort and stress.

You may have Computer Vision Syndrome or Digital Eye Strain – with poor lighting or poor posture – you may need to adjust your chair for clearer vision.

– Turn on better lights

– Adjust your chair

– Adjust your posture

You may need to check your eyesight and visit an optometrist.

– Check with your local Optometrist

Interacting with computers – you may have stress of remembering your password.

– Keep your password simple to easily remember

– Note your password in a safe, secure place for reference

You may be stressed out with computers because you can’t remember the software of Microsoft Excel worksheet – how to copy and paste data and sorting formulas.

What about those frustrating PDF files and the PDF file conversion?

– Create an Excel Cheat Sheet For Easy Referencing To Minimize Your Anxiety

What do you do about Computer Anxiety?

People with Computer Anxiety can begin with seeing their family doctor.

How about trying Registered Massage as a treatment to help cope with symptoms of anxiety related to Computers.

Registered Massage can help promote relaxation and calmness to is supportive treatment for anxiety.

Computer Anxiety And Treatment RMT VAUGHAN ONTARIO
Computer Anxiety And Treatment RMT VAUGHAN ONTARIO

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