Did You Know Rye Bread Has Health Benefits

Do you enjoy eating bread?

Which bread is the healthiest?

What about Rye Bread?

Based on research rye bread has more health benefits than white bread.

Rye bread is high in iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and soluble fibre.

Rye bread may have other potential health benefits as:

Weight loss

Reduced inflammation

Improved blood sugar control

Improved heart benefits

Improved digestive health

If you are looking for a bread that is high in fibre – rye is the winner.

Rye also has less gluten than all-purpose or whole wheat flour and absorbs water eight times its weight.

Dark in color with a dense firmness, rye bread has a distinctive earthy rich taste. Rye bread is more nutritious than wheat bread.

Rye bread also has more fibre and B vitamins than wheat breads.

Give rye bread a try. Speak to your doctor about changing your food and learning more about staying healthy.

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Did You Know Rye Bread Has Health Benefits RMT Vaughan Ontario Muscles
Did You Know Rye Bread Has Health Benefits RMT Vaughan Ontario Muscles

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