How To Overcome Exam Anxiety With Massage Therapy

So it’s exam time again!

Are you prepared for your exam?

Are you a procrastinator?

Are you in a panic?

Do you have exam anxiety?

Don’t sweat it!

How to overcome exam anxiety?

Massage therapy can help you cope more effectively with upcoming exam evaluations.

To keep a sharp memory, remember you need to get enough rest. Massage can help with sleep and sleep helps you absorb and retain your study material more easily.

It’s crunch time, if have less than a week to study. To ensure your mind is fresh to study and focus, why not take a break with massage, your brain can only take so much until you feel drowsy or sleepy while studying.

An effective studying technique includes flash cards, visualization and word association to assist you with better memory recall. Writing down your test notes repeatedly helps build memory.

Massage can provide a set time for yourself to ingrain the key points into memory through visualization to later recall the information to ace the upcoming exam.

Thinking about your previous test anxiety can result in muscle tension. The stress that comes with your exam schedule can be nerve racking. The anxiety muscle tension can build up through your neck, shoulders and head. Headaches can occur and even sweating. Dry mouth can set in.

A deep tissue massage to help overcome muscle tension that targets areas of tension build-up. Your body will likely react to deep tissue massage with a slower heart rate and an increase in blood circulation. Massage calms your body allowing blood to flow normally.

Anxiety is perfectly normal however some people continue to worry severely. The anticipation to the test can cause our heart rate to increase and massage can show you techniques to remember to breathe easy and relax to avoid shortness of breath that can prove effective for the big exam day.

Arrive early for the exam and don’t rush. Don’t lose focus and pay attention to the instructions – a lot is going on and you have a lot to lose.

Drinking too much coffee, staying up all night, cramming the studying material and pulling an all nighter; all of which are counterproductive in reducing anxiety and can exacerbate your stress. Instead hydrate and bring a bottle of water.

A healthy lifestyle that includes Massage can give you confidence by making you feel good. You can do it!

With massage you can learn ways to face your next exam with confidence and flying colors.

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