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Breathing awareness and good breathing habits will enhance your psychological and physical well-being, you can practice them alone or in combination with Registered Massage Therapy Sessions. Lets look at the difference between abdominal (diphragmatic) breathing and chest breathing.

Chest breathing is often irregular, rapid and shallow. If the air reaches your lungs is insufficient your heart rate and muscle tension can increase. Anxious people constrict breathing and as air reaches the lungs your blood receives insufficient oxygen to your heart and muscle tension increases; and you turn on your stress.

On the other hand, diaphragmatic breathing helps with the release of tension and better relaxation responses. The abdominal breathing simulates the breathing of sleeping adults and newborn babies where breathing is non-contradicting and your respiratory system can evenly produce energy from oxygen and continue with the process of removing waste products from your body.


Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) will increase your awareness of your breathing patterns and shift away from poor and improper breathing to more natural free abdominal breathing so you can reduce the muscle tension and anxiety to turn off your stress.

Breathing positions during a massage session, using proper breathing techniques and being conscious of your breathing with massage therapy can help develop a diaphragmatic breathing program that you will find most beneficial to your health.

Sunstone registered massage clinic will guide you on how to breath in and relax while removing muscle tension. Telephone: 647-233-2569. Sunstone Registered Woodbridge Massage Therapy.

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