Correct Posture At Your Pc Station And While We Drive To Work Sunstone Registered Massage

Sitting at desks for hours in front of computers and hunched over steering wheels while we commute to work.

How can we improve our posture and fix both our pc posture at work and fix our posture while we drive to work.

Sitting upright helps to avoid muscle imbalances. Your body needs an alignment just like the tires on your car.

Good posture also helps you feel healthy and balanced.

Correct Posture At Your Pc Station And While We Drive To Work
Correct Posture At Your Pc Station And While We Drive To Work

Posture When Using Computers – What Not to Do

* Do not slouch in front of the computer or work on a laptop while laying on your bed this overstretches the muscles of the upper back.
* Do not work for many hours in front of a computer without taking a break.
* Do not ignore back aches and back pain, thinking that the problem will go away.
* Do not sit on one leg or sit with legs crossed as this causes additional strain to the back.
* Do not place a laptop on the lap and stare down at the screen – this places extra strain on your spine, neck and arms.
* Do not look up or down at the pc monitor. The top of the computer screen should be even with the user’s forehead and directly in front, at arms’ length.

Posture When Using Computers – What to Do

* Buy an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support and no armrests.
* Adjust the height of the chair so the upper thighs are parallel to the floor, or with your knees closer to the ground than your hips.
* Adjust the back support with the back firmly supported and angled slightly backward, while the feet are supported on the floor or footrest.
* Buy an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and ensure that the height is adjusted to keep hands, wrists and elbow at desk level. And arms to the side and shoulders relaxed.
* Have a break every hour and do stretching exercises like neck rolls, chin tucks, cupping head in hands behind the head and extension exercises.
* And you can also look away from the computer to relieve your eyes by focusing on objects at further distances.

Sunstone Massage therapy can help correct and relieve back pain and tension from computer and driving related Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain.

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