Can Massage Help Humans Sleep Standing Up

Can humans sleep standing up? The answer is No.

Humans don’t have the special anatomical feature that locks our legs in place while resting; known as “passive stay apparatus.”

As our brain never shuts down and is very complex. The neurons in our brain produce neurotransmitters that relax muscles during sleep time. The anatomy of humans is designed to relax our muscles during sleep time. So when you fall asleep you fall over.

Our bodies restorative purpose of sleep is not designed to work standing up as we experience temporary paralysis of muscles.

Human anatomy of muscle interactions with joints and tendons in the legs needs REM sleep which is accompanied with passive muscles. And thus, once the muscles, joints and brain goes on relaxation mode the comfy bed / pillow or the floor becomes our friend.

Studies have noted that even some animals require sleep lying down for them to achieve REM sleep like the rest of humans.

In humans, melatonin is a hormone that prompts the brain to take a rest and prepare to sleep. The secretion of many hormones is affected by sleep-wake cycles. The release of serotonin is released in the brain encouraging sleep.

Massage therapy manipulation can directly influence the body’s production of serotonin.

Massage can naturally increase serotonin levels that can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Humans don’t have the leg-locking ability and our organisms spend hours daily of their time in sleep. So remember when you are dozing off or taking a nap your body is supporting its design.

Massage also helps support both our physiology of muscle anatomy, body mechanism, neurotransmitters and hormones of human sleep-wake cycles.

Massage helps restore your sleep patterns as humans are designed to lie down while sleeping.

Count on Sunstone Massage to get a more blissful shut-eye with your body’s weight evenly distributed as the human body is designed to lie down for the best sleep.

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