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The most mobile – flexible, complicated and sophisticated joint in the entire human body is the shoulder joint.

Shoulder joints provide the greatest range of motion in the human body.

Did You Know The Shoulder Joint Is Unstable?

Stability to the joint shoulder is provided by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the glenoid labrum for the rotator cuff.


The Function and Activity of Muscles Of The Shoulder:

Upper trapezius: allows you to tilt and turn the head and neck, shrug, steady the shoulders, and twist the arms

Rhomboids: is the muscle in the back that helps with your posture.

Rotator Cuff Muscles: allows for shoulder movements and gives stability to the joint.

The Supraspinatus: this is a small muscle that allows you to raise the arm away from the body.

Infraspinatus (helps you raise and lower the upper arm)

Teres minor helps rotate the upper arm.

Subscapularis: a large triangular muscle near the collarbone and helps you rotate the humerus.

Triceps brachii (helps extend forearm; straighten arm, long head extends, adducts arm, extends shoulder)

Pectoralis major also known as the breaststroke muscle situated in the chest region of the human body that stretches to the armpit allows to flex the arm and rotate the shoulder.

Pectoralis minor: allows the scapula to move forward and downward, and provides mobility of the shoulder joint.

Biceps brachii: (bicep muscle) allows for you to flex the elbow and give you the ability to flex your elbow and lift your forearm.

Latissimus dorsi: This is the widest flat rectangular muscle in the back, the back helps the arms rotate as well as move away and closer to the body.

Shoulder pain can be caused by many factors. Speak to your doctor, and receive an x-ray to better understand your condition.

A Sunstone Registered shoulder massage can make a difference with techniques for the shoulders that can reduce tightness and pain.

Tight shoulders can benefit with a Registered Massage for relaxation.

Recover from shoulder muscle soreness and decrease your pain.

Massaging on sore areas of the shoulder can soothe the pain and lower tension.

Registered Massage therapy for shoulder sprain and muscle pain helps increase your range of motion.

Feel the benefits of a shoulder massage to release tension and improve your range of motion from your injury.

Remove the build-up of daily stress from your shoulders and return to optimal health with Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy.

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