Humidity Effects On Muscles And Massage Therapy

Did you know muscles hurt when its raining, cold and even when it’s humid outside?

Cold weather can damage and effect your body’s muscles health and so can humidity.

Cold temperatures can make your muscles tense up and tighter and warmer temperatures more looser.

Did you know humidity can cause dampness also in your muscles, bones and joints?

Your muscles can cramp and your joints may ache with high levels of humidity.

With the effects of humidity our bodies can suffer from dehydration; fatigue and muscle cramps.

Our tendons, ligaments, and muscles may expand with high humidity levels.

How do you clear up dampness?

While outside in the hot weather drink enough fluids and keep your body hydrated.

Let Registered Massage Therapy help with your body’s health muscle fibers for optimal health and muscle cramp support. With Registered Massage we can help keep humidity levels in your body and muscles within the normal range.

Take care of your muscles and body when it is humid outside with stretches, even fluids and don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

See your doctor first if your body is reacting to the humidity by feeling fatigue and have muscle cramps during high humidity and discuss Registered Massage as a complementary treatment plan.

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