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So you are contemplating a trip to the pharmacy or a call to your doctor! What about a visit to the massage therapist for some help. A massage can stimulate the body’s natural painkillers and relieve anxiety, improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Enjoy the techniques of a Traditional Swedish massage:

Knots are overlapping muscle fibers that have been over-shortened commonly due to improper use and lack of stretching.

Frequently, but not always, these knots are called trigger points because they trigger referred pain to different areas in the body. Muscle tension headaches are caused by trigger points and are the most common type of headache experienced by most. “Latent Trigger Points” are knots that don’t refer pain but that doesn’t mean they can’t become active.

Getting the knots out can be tricky but its not impossible. Knots present for long periods of time behave as a scrunched up ball like Saran Wrap and are tricky to smooth out.

Normally, trigger point therapy is used on Active Trigger Points more so than Latent Trigger Points because Active Trigger Points refer pain and can produce more aggravating and even painful symptoms. Latent Trigger Points are also best left dormant, but can be mildly treated. Trigger Point Therapy involves direct compression of the knot, flushing out of surrounding tissues, and a full passive 15-30 second stretch (The therapist should do the stretch for you while you’re in a relaxed position).

An effective area to treat (work on) is the muscle attachment points and a specific stretch to the muscle in question should follow.

Often, lengthy waiting times at local doctor offices for general headaches result in a 2 minute conversation and a prescription or recommendation of a specific medication. These treat the symptoms of muscle tension and do not treat the cause. This means that when you stop medicating the pain, the cause is still there and the pain returns, sometimes worse than before.

Sunstone Massage Gets Rid Of Muscle Knots
What is the best solution to get the knots out?

Keep your muscles warm and stretched out by soaking in a warm bath, (no more than 15 minutes for those with any circulatory condition eg. High blood pressure). You can add Epsom salt to the bath too.

No time for a bath?
Take a very warm shower and allow the stream of water to stay on your most tense spots; eg. neck, lower back, etc.

(***If you’re an adult with a first time headache, do see your doctor before a RMT)

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