Muscle Building, Repair And Recovery With Sunstone Registered Vaughan Ontario Massage


In short, when you workout you tear your muscle fibers with tension and stress by increasing resistance training with exercise. Then the mechanism of muscle repair starts when these damaged fibers repair themselves with a fusion of new membrane cells while you are in rest mode to build new muscle protein strands. Muscle recovery occurs during and primarily after exercise.


Rest activates muscle repair. Once we allow muscles time to rest; muscles grow at rest period. Rest is your body’s innate healing mechanism.


‘Muscle undergoes biological repair and formation of new muscle in response to death (necrosis) of muscle cells.’


Restoring muscles and flexibility as part of the healing process. Sunstone Massage techniques can restore muscles and recondition the skin leaving your complexion smooth and fresh.


Your body needs muscle recuperation and rest from training and exercise.


Take time off to allow your muscles to recover in muscle function.


Massage techniques to rejuvenate tense muscles and relieve stress.


One of our most popular exclusive Sunstone Massage Signature treatments for a rejuvenating experience, a therapeutic reward that will leave you refreshed and energized. Rejuvenate and restore yourself to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

RMT (Registered Massage Therapy)

Visit Sunstone Registered Massage, where rejuvenation, healing and health awaits you.

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Our mission is to provide a high quality massage that will benefit individuals, provide both short and long-term relief from stress and chronic discomfort, and to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after strenuous activity, and relax muscles, and reduce pain. By introducing massage to improve the overall health of the body and creating awareness of the effects and benefits of massage therapy. Re-Define Your Health.