What Is Pain? How We Feel Pain? How Massage Therapy Helps Manage Pain?

What is Pain? How do we feel pain?

When you have contact with stimulus (cut, pressure or burn) on your skin, signals travel to the pain receptors (nerves) into the spinal cord (information carried) to the brain (brain receives the information in the pain center). You feel a sensation of pain. Pain transmission activity occurs instantly.

You don’t have to have actual tissue damage to experience pain. And you don’t have to have potential tissue damage to experience pain as the pain real.

Pain is a complex nerve mechanism cell process that relays through the (spinal cord) nervous system up to your brain.

Your brain lets you know whether or not you are experiencing pain.

How Massage Therapy helps manage pain?

Massage with pressure mechanisms of cell levels, nerve fibers and pressure receptors under the skin can help when it comes to pain management by stimulating the receptors.

Massage Therapy can interrupt the pain sensation with the pressure and stimulation on the body tissues. Massage effectively eases pain by releasing endorphins and increases blood circulation that can alleviate pain.

Types of pain:

Acute Pain – short-term pain, once healed the pain disappears.

Chronic Pain – persistent pain, with long lasting pain experience.

Fibromyalgia – widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues.

Massage Therapy And Pain Receptors

Massage can relieve how the pain messages are processed between your pain receptors and your brain. Rubbing your injured area feels good and helps ease your pain.

Pain differs from person to person. Depending on your pain, Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy treatments integrates the modalities of Massage that can help you manage pain.

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