Massage Therapy For Tennis Muscle Injury Prevention And Recovery

So the new tennis season is just around the corner and your muscles will be put to the test with your serves and your over head smashes.

Repetitive swinging and slamming can over exert and strain your muscles and tendons of the elbow. Also, your upper back (the rhomboid and trapezius) muscles that are mainly used can become strained and weak by being overused.

As a recreational player or in college tennis or working your way towards the professionals, reaching out for help to a registered massage therapist can minimize injuries, improve your weaknesses and maximize your strengths.

When experiencing pain and swelling remember to take a break from tennis to heal. Rest is the most important part of your treatment while injured.

Let a massage therapist help you determine the application of ice/heat and compression and various muscle recovery strategies.

A sports massage can enhance your athletic performance for injury recovery and competitiveness. A back exercise program can help you strengthen your weak side and balance your body and reduce your risk from further injury.

Remember to seek professional advice for the best shock absorbing tennis shoes. Be at the top of your tennis game.

As our anatomy is complex with connected muscle groups and your body’s repetitive rotation, Massage therapy can help with tennis muscle injuries to celebrate your best tennis playing today.

Sunstone Registered Massage Clinic specializes in treating sports and recreational injuries to help heal from tennis muscle injury for the win.

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