The Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy When Hiking

How to maximize your body’s full potential to take you through Canada’s unique hiking trails?

Prepare for your hike and look after yourself following your hike with massage therapy.

Before Hiking:

Stretching before you hike warms up your muscles and prepares you for your adventure. Muscle stretches also can help increase your performance on your trail. Loosen up your muscles before your hike can further improve your flexibility.

Giving your muscles a good stretch can help buffer you from getting painful cramps while hiking. With effective static and dynamic stretching before your hike, you can give your muscles what they need especially if you are doing an uphill hike.

Let Sunstone Massage provide you with targeted stretching techniques so you don’t overdo muscle stretching on your own. Reconnect with nature by warming up your muscles before you go on your trail.

After Hiking:

Massage benefits you after your hike for relaxation and muscular recovery.

Stress and weight to your legs and feet over long hikes could leave your muscles and joints swollen. Swelling can be reduced through massage therapy and improve muscle condition. Overuse of muscles and joints can cause pain and stiffness.

With extra massage time on your feet can increase circulation to ease and relax your feet. Manipulation with massage can help you manage your pain.

Massage also helps increase healthy oxygen by manipulation of muscles with blood flow.

Explore Hiking:

While hiking is a healthy outdoor activity, remember to never hike alone and think of safety for both you and your body.

Hydration is key so drink plenty of water. Bring enough food and ensure you are in good physical condition – know your limits.

Where will your hiking adventure take you?

Before your hike stay on top of your peak muscle condition with Massage Therapy. Following your hike, massage therapy can pay close attention to your burning and sore calves. Get into the relaxation mode with massage before and after your hike.

Massage can help take care of your body’s muscle spasms and provide muscle recovery.

Spend the day refreshing with an outdoor hike to ease your mind and build a healthier body.

Look forward to your next hiking trip with Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy as part of your preparation and recovery.

Leave behind the preserved beauty with only footprints and take away better health.

Sunstone Registered Massage is an excellent option for both novice and experienced hikers who want to go the extra distance and be on top of the world.

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