Joint Movements – Muscles And Bones – Limitations And Flexibility

Muscles and bones help move the joints in your body and make movement possible at each joint.

At Sunstone Massage we have knowledge of normal range of motion that enables movement commonly found at a joint. This knowledge is useful to generally assess the degree of flexibility at a joint that is causing you problems. And by knowing the normal limitation to movement at each joint helps decrease the likely hood and potential of inadvertently damaging a joint even further or surrounding tissues, and this increases the safety of the massage for the client.

Remember, when acute inflammation is present; direct massage and joint movements to the affected area are NOT RECOMMENDED and contraindictory. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is recommended instead.

At Sunstone Massage we have knowledge of both muscles and bones, limitations of joint movements and their flexibility. We take the time to learn about conditions from up-to-date references, medical references, your medical history, your medical report from your physician and from speaking with you (feedback from the client for safety) to ensure the safe application of your massage session.

If you have restrictions of normal range of motions, areas of tightness and limits of stretches, avoid sudden and forceful or bouncing movements. Massage techniques and joint movements are combined and applied to achieve the best possible results for you.

Feel the benefits of massage and reduce joint pain.

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