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The Massage Therapy Industry Secret! Incredible Full Body Massages

The Massage Therapy Industry Secret! – Incredible Full Body Massages done with this special technique changes the Game entirely!

First and foremost, establishing a clear consent with clients is first priority as this technique requires the undraping of the gluteal area. If you’re someone who prefers their “buttocks” un-massaged then this may not be for you.

Sunstone Registered Therapeutic Full-Body Glide Massage
Sunstone Registered Therapeutic Full-Body Glide Massage

Gluteal massage, for those who have never experienced it, involves massage to the biggest muscles of the body that, essentially, control your entire midsection and all hip movement.

Every time we sit down and stand up, walk, bend, lift, twist, turn, run, jump (and I could go on), our hip and gluteal muscles are working hard.

The fact that these muscles are mostly responsible for all these movements explains why these muscles are so big and thick and powerful.

The large majority of low back pain complaints are a result of tense, short and spasming gluteal muscles. And, other than all those reasons, it also feels incredible.

Gluteal Massage alone, however, is still not the whole secret…

Sunstone Therapeutic Full-Body Glide Massage
Sunstone Therapeutic Full-Body Glide Massage

The Magic Secret to a Phenomenal Full Body (Reset) Massage is… the “Half – Body Draping” Technique. This has been an industry secret forever and a lot of people have never heard of this or experienced how amazing it is.

The process is to, RESPECTFULLY and PROFESSIONALLY undrape an entire half of the body at one time.

Therefore, the entire neck, right arm, right back, right gluteal area, and right leg would be uncovered while your privacy is still maintained and the left side of your body is left fully covered. Then the Therapist switches sides.

The full undraping of left or right is only done for a portion of the massage when its time to tie the whole massage together.

This means that your Gluteus Maximus won’t be left undraped as the lower leg is being treated.

Undraping an entire side allows the therapist to seamlessly tie the leg massage directly into the low back.

Imagine one, amazing, pressurized glide from ankle to neck without having to skip over the gluteal draping to get to the low back.

This seamless therapeutic glide is pure bliss and essentially trumps any other kind of Full Body Massage experience you ever had before!

Any client we’ve shared this with never goes back to regular massages unless the appropriate treatment doesn’t require full body, gluteal or leg work.

If you’re looking for a Fantastic Full Body Reset Massage Experience, then look no further.

The Massage Therapy Industry Secret
The Massage Therapy Industry Secret

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