A Sunstone Registered Full Body Treatment Massage using warm organic oils applied to condition skin and induce a sense of well-being.


Relax Your Muscles
Improve your circulation
Improve joint mobility
Complete relaxation during the session
All Natural and Organic Oils are used to promote healthy skin

Therapeutic Benefits:

Reduce your muscle stiffness and soreness
Deactivate trigger points
Recovery from strenuous exertion or injury

Length Of Time:

30 to 90 minutes, however 60 minutes is standard.

Sunstone Massage Therapy can help you choose a treatment duration that’s best for you.

Sequence Of Body Regions Targeted:

Depends on which areas require treatment.

Treatment of the buttocks, breasts require signed consent.

Benefits of any treatment will be explained to you prior to the start of your treatment.

  • Head
  • Face
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Upper Chest (Above and just below the clavicle (collar bone))
  • Abdomen
  • Or any combination of these will be treated.

Treatment area required PRIOR CONSENT FROM YOU

Full Body Massage Techniques Used:

Opening Technique:

Slide or glide over the skin
(with smooth continuous motion(effleurage) in many different ways to suit the body)
Apply natural oils with pressing of the skin (compression)

Warming Techniques:

Effleurage with Compression

Combination Techniques:

Petrissage(a techniques of lifting and wringing or squeezing soft tissues in a kneading motion or by pressing and rolling the tissues under the skin under or between the hands, performed with one or two hands, depending on the size of the muscle or muscle group, in a rhythmic motion).

We take care to avoid pinching or bruising the tissues and not to massage too long in one area.

We adjust the pressure accordingly dependent on the condition/tolerance of the client.

Superficially warming friction by applying a small amount of natural oil when warming up the area.

If no lotion or oil is preferred we apply a light compression to the area for warming.

Transition Techniques:

Effleurage and rapid percussive rhythmic movements(tapotement)

Finishing Techniques:

Effleurage and tapotement(the amount of force to use and degree of stiffness of our hands depends on your body area receiving this technique

Length Of Time:  30 to 90 minutes, however 60 minutes is standard.
Therapeutic and relaxation goal of the full body massage session.

Continuous Flow:

We avoid abrupt removal of touch with a continuous sense of touch throughout the session.

We apply smooth transitions with an orderly sequence.

We drape(cover) your body without having you exposed and uncomfortable to provide clear professional boundaries and to keep you warm.

More Flow:

Rhythm of the massage is smooth and evenly applied

Pacing And Speed:

We massage at a Moderate speed.
Speeds are blended in with your rate of breath.

Massaging with the breath promotes deeper relaxation.

Relaxation massage will be slower paced without tapotement or minimal use of tapotement.


If you request more attention to your neck and shoulders or legs and feet or if certain areas of your body need more specific attention then those areas will receive more massage time within the overall session.

Massage Therapy Vaughan Woodbridge Ontario
Massage Therapy Vaughan Woodbridge Ontario

We pay close attention to details throughout the whole session and modify the routine to meet the needs of the client to accomplish the therapeutic and relaxation goal of the full body massage session.

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Sunstone Massage Therapy Treatment And Wellness Clinic – Full body massage is designed to promote relaxation, overall balance and health.


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Our mission is to provide a high quality massage that will benefit individuals, provide both short and long-term relief from stress and chronic discomfort, and to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after strenuous activity, and relax muscles, and reduce pain. By introducing massage to improve the overall health of the body and creating awareness of the effects and benefits of massage therapy. Re-Define Your Health.