History Of Massage Therapy

Before getting into the nitty-gritties of massage, let’s first understand the term. The word massage owes its origin to its French namesake which means “friction of kneading”. The origin can also be traced to the Arabic ‘massa’ which means “to touch, feel or handle” or to Latin ‘massa’ meaning mass or dough.

Massage as a technique of healing dates way back to 493 B.C when daily massage with olive oil and myrrh was a part of the daily beauty regime. And as massage has traveled around the world; each age, each country has its share to contribute to its science and healing practice. And today, massage is a vital part of ones primary healthcare.

Massage is basically treatment of your muscle layers and connective tissues to augment their function and promote relaxation. And that massage may be the oldest and simplest form of medical care can be traced back to the fact that Egyptian tomb paintings too depict people being massaged.

History Of Massage Therapy And Today Vital For Health Wellness
History Of Massage Therapy And Today Vital For Health Wellness

In India, the traditional system of massage, a branch in Ayurveda is still very prevalent which places great emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of massage with aromatic oils and spices that cure many ailments including arthritis, back ache and insomnia.

Today, there are various recognized therapies like Acupressure-a traditional Chinese medicine, Anma – a Japanese massage, Reflexology massage, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage and in addition to that the very common ‘spa’; all instrumental in promoting well-being.

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