Treating Whiplash & Neck Hyperextension Pain with Sunstone Massage Therapy

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury that occurs when a person’s neck and head rapidly moves the cervical spine forward and then backwards suddenly with great force most commonly from getting rear-ended, however can also be from extreme sports or roller-coaster rides.

Sometimes the neck pain is immediate or the pain is delayed for several hours, days or even weeks before your neck hurts. Whiplash is essentially micro-tearing in the connective tissue.

Treatment for whiplash can include relaxation of the neck muscles. Cross-fiber friction massage helps support the realignment of scar tissue and the healing of torn muscle fibers that is associated with Whiplash.

With Massage Therapy your potential for full range of motion is enhanced with regular treatments. Your healing potential is maximized as massage increases blood circulation and the amount of oxygen to the targeted damaged tissues to speed up recovery.

First see your doctor and get an x-ray to determine any underlining problems including spinal cord injuries.

If you were in an accident let Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy treat your bodies soft tissues to ease your neck pain from whiplash. We’ll help you regain your optimal neck flexibility and relieve your neck pain.

Treating Whiplash & Neck Hyperextension Pain With Massage Therapy

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