You Sleep Better With Registered Massage Therapy RMT Vaughan Ontario

I’m tired. I’m exhausted and it’s time for bed time and you…

Can’t sleep? Tossing and turning all night?

Do you find yourself being restless?

How can you catch up to your sleep and get the rest you need?

Tips for Better Sleep

In order to get better sleep, it’s necessary to get your circadian rhythms back on track. Here’s how to readjust your body back into a healthy sleep routine.

  • Don’t drink coffee or soda pop before bedtime.
  • Use darkening shades.
  • Fluff up your pillows and get comfortable.
  • Sleep on a comfortable mattress.
  • Keep the temperature comfortable.
  • Read a book.
  • Relax.
  • Massage therapy has been shown to improve sleep.
  • Do some relaxing exercise.
  • Listen to music.
  • Avoid eating late or heavy at night.
  • Drink enough water to avoid dehydration.
  • Keep a good sleep routine.
  • Establish a regular bed time.

  • People often lose sleep over stress or anxiety in your life. Also, lack of sleep can raise your risk of health problems such as; heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Sleepless nights and tension can take a toll on your immune system from building up its strength.

    Massage therapy helps prevent insomnia and can help you sleep at your optimum levels. Massage Therapy can relax your body and makes for a better quality sleep. Research has indicated that massage can improve sleep. And quality sleep is vital to our health and wellness.

    See your doctor if your sleep is interrupted often or you suffer from inadequate sleep that interferes with your life.

    Stop tossing and turning all night long with Massage Therapy.

    With Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy feel rested, renewed and refreshed when we wake up.

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