Fall Asleep Faster Deeper And Longer Infant Massage Workshop Sunstone Registered Massage RMT

The teaching of Infant Massage and Touch Communication encourages parents/caregivers to bond with their infants in a healing way. This positive touch will nourish the developing mind, body and help the caregivers to read the infant’s cues and body language. The Certified Infant Massage Instructor will not contact your child. Only the caregiver(s) will be touching and performing the techniques on the infant.


Registered Pediatric Massage & Instruction

(3 weeks to 3 years old)

30 minutes $65 per child*

15 min Registered Massage
(performed by an Certified RMT)

15 min Customized Massage Instruction
(performed by Parent/Caregiver)

First appointment includes a FREE Consultation
(Required for all new clients. Approx. 10 min.)

Plus receive a complimentary bottle of Cold-Pressed Organic Massage Oil

*Required forms available
Online and at Reception

Infant Massage Class Series Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy Woodbridge Ontario


Click both links to download the PEDIATRIC-HEALTH-PROVIDER-RELEASE and the PEDIATRIC_CLASS REGISTRATION and make payment online through our website click here: “Infant Massage Classes -Pay Online” or visit the clinic with cash or cheque:



Download our flyer:
Introduction to Infant Massage Program-1 Sunstone Massage


Registration Package’s are at Sunstone Massage. Just send us an email at SunstoneRMT@gmail.com and we can email the forms to you.

Obtain a medical release signed by your child’s Physician clearing the child for massage.

This Medical Release will be collected on the day of the first class. You will not be allowed to participate without the signed Medical Release, No Exceptions. This is only to ensure a high standard of safety for these infants and children. Safety and Concern for the children involved is our First Priority.


We have Qualified Professional Registered Massage Therapists who graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and is a Registered member in good standing with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. (cmto.com)

We have Registered Massage Therapists who have received certification above standard school training in Peri-Natal Massage and has on-site experience in Women’s College Hospital, in Toronto, working with Labour Support and High Risk pregnancies.

We have Registered Massage Therapists whose training extends to Certification in both Infant Massage Instruction and Pediatric Massage Therapy with the Internationally Acclaimed Infant Massage Expert, Tina Allen, of Liddle Kidz Foundation in California. (liddlekidz.com)

Help Your Child Fall Asleep Faster, Deeper And Longer – Infant Massage Workshop. Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy – Pediatric and Infant Massage Therapy Classes – Baby’s First Massage – Massage & Healing Touch – bond with your infant through Massage Therapy – Telephone: 647-233-2569

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