Gardening For Your Soul

How can you reduce stress and improve mental health?

Gardening is a way you can lower your pace. Plant some vegetables or some flowers.

Remember to wear knee pads, comfortable clothes, sun hat and gardening gloves.

Sunstone RMT Gardening For Your Soul
Sunstone RMT Gardening For Your Soul

Use the right hand tools when gardening to avoid muscle soreness.

Get a cushion to sit on and let go of your stress while you dig some soil.

Look around the garden and live in the moment. Gardening is a soulful boost helping you relax.

Throw some top-soil and top up your lawn so it looks lush and green. Make a raised garden-bed or just simply plant some seeds. Do what comes easy for you – so you have even less stress.

You can dig.

You can rake.

You can mow the grass.

All these activities help keep your muscles in shape and a great exercise too.

Feel good about your garden and what you have accomplished.

Gardening helps reduce stress and lowers anxiety.

Take care of your mental and physical health with Gardening.

Sunstone Registered Massage is dedicated to the promotion of safely staying active for your health.

Call to learn more about keeping your muscles healthy with Registered Massage Therapy.

Speak to your doctor to learn more about what activity is best for you.

It’s Time To Garden For Your Health.

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