17 Body Muscle Aches Causes And Massage Therapy

Here are 17 Body Muscle Aches Causes And Massage Therapy

There are many possible causes for body muscle aches that may present itself with many conditions and symptoms that can affect your whole body – please see your doctor before booking a massage appointment.

1. Stress: You can tense up when you are dealing with sudden stress that may result in tension.

2. Working out: Overusing your muscles from working out can lead to muscle pain.

3. Injury: Muscle pain may be caused by minor injuries or from repetitive movements. You many experience pain and swelling. A workout injury or from lifting boxes – your muscles can strain or tear from a severe injury.

4. Poor Posture: Remember when your teacher tells you to, “SIT UP STRAIGHT”. They got the right idea, because sitting hunched can cause your stomach muscles to be strained. Poor posture can also effect your neck and back muscles.

5. Fibromyalgia: Do your muscles ache all over? If so, you may have Fibromyalgia. This widespread pain can be persistent and effect your whole body. See your doctor.

6. Not getting a good nights sleep: staying up late or not getting enough sleep. Sleep helps you recover. The lack of sleep can affect your health and can contribute to pain.

7. Flu (Catching a Cold): Muscles and joints may ache when you have a virus or cold. Your muscles can feel weak. See your doctor is you have a fever or the chills.

8. Infections: Infections and viruses can cause body aches.

9. Poor Circulation: Cold hands and feet can occur because of poor circulation. You many also experience muscle cramps. Poor circulation may manifest itself with numbness and can cause muscle pain.

10. Blood Pressure: Don’t let your blood pressure build up or go too low. Check regularly. See your doctor.

11. Thyroid Issues: Hyperthyroid or Low Thyroid can cause a multitude of muscle aches.

12. Arthritis: Muscle inflammation can cause pain and stiffness.

13. Not eating healthy: Lack of nutrition can lead to aching muscles.

14. Sitting too much: Being inactive is one of the most common reasons for joint pain. Our muscles get stiff when we sit for extended periods of time.

15. Dehydration: Not getting enough water. Your body can suffer from dehydration if don’t get fluid throughout the day and you may feel tired and lack energy. Flushing toxins from your body requires enough water intake. See you doctor to determine how much water you should drink per day.

16. Fluid Retention: Water retention – trapped fluid in your body can lead to swelling. Seek a physician immediately.

17. Medication: Changes in medication that your doctor prescribes can cause muscle soreness. Seek your physician immediately.

Treatments / Application / Remedies

Ice Or Heat – Which Should You Use For Muscle Injury Treatment?

Heat Therapy

Cold Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy Treatment

Massage Therapy can help sore muscles by kneading out the targeted muscle knots.

Count on a Registered Massage Therapist to help with circulation to assist the body to recover from sore aching muscles.

Registered Massage Therapist can help with muscle aches and tightness by providing effective treatments.

Consult your local doctor just to be on the safe side. And see your local doctor if your muscle pain is getting worse and if you develop a fever.

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