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Everyone knows that sitting in a chair all day can have irreversible damage to your body and your overall health and even worse it can kill you.

Sitting in a chair for a long period of time can create poor posture and poor blood flow that effects your whole body.

Sitting all day can lead to sore tight muscles that results in pain and discomfort.

Hands, wrist and arms can start to feel numbness and tingling from prolong sitting in front of your computer.

Sitting in the same position your body will start feeling tightness and pain in both the neck and shoulders.

Your body can benefit from better circulation and muscle pain relief.

Do you want to feel better and healthier?

Here are some strategies to improve circulation and muscle pain when sitting in a chair all day.

  • Take a healthy break from sitting.
  • Walking helps – take a walk around the office.
  • Stand when you are speaking on the phone.
  • Stand up at least once every hour.
  • Swing or wiggle your feet around while you’re in your chair.
  • Raise your desk up and stand.
  • Stretch your lower back. (When the lower back is curved or rounded when hunched over there is a greater risk for pinching or compressing your nerves. And when sitting the spine is compressing.)
  • Stretch hip flexor muscles. (Excessive sitting causes your hip flexor muscles to tighten up.)
  • Be conscious about your posture and sit upright to avoid hunching over your desk.
  • Stretch out your neck and shoulders often throughout the day as they become tight and restricted.
  • Use a soft ball to squeeze stretching out your hand, fingers and wrist.
  • Stretch and flex each finger for a second or two.
  • Breathe and open up your chest muscles.
  • Improve your well-being and wellness.

    Remove knots and tightness in muscles. Back Pain from sitting all day can be difficult, making it effect your simple daily activities. Relieve you back pain with Registered Massage Therapy.

    Sunstone Registered Massage can provide you with simple exercises along with targeted massage treatment sessions to alleviate muscle pain from sitting all day.

    Learn about easy and simple exercise techniques for strengthening and stretching your body muscles to balance and encourage mobility.

    Remember to speak to your doctor before you start any exercise to be on the safe side.

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