Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

10 Areas to cover with a deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue massage is for chronic pain and injury. Deeper pressure addresses the release of chronic muscle tension in the targeted area. Penetrating muscle compression and friction increases blood and lymph flow, releasing deeply seeded tension while draining toxins.

Deep Tissue massage helps ease muscle tension, improves blood flow and expels toxins.

Every treatment is customized to the particular person as everyone does not have the same muscle stiffness and tension areas to restorative massage goal.

A general full body massage however can vary widely but includes treatment of the same structures.

A one hour appointment is required to meet the body’s needs and keep it in vibrant health.

Keep in mind that choosing the right registered therapist is key, as some therapists treat the easiest areas and not the most effective areas.

For a thorough massage expect:

  1. Back of the neck and scalp (face down)
  2. Shoulders, Scapula (shoulder blades) and Spine
  3. Low back, sacrum (tail bone)
  4. Legs (front and back)
  5. Arms
  6. Feet
  7. Hands
  8. Ears (face up)
  9. Scalp (face down)
  10. And suboccipital muscles (back of skull while face up)

Focusing on work with the deeper layers of the body by sinking through layers of muscle fatigue and toxicity, helps to realign your posture and increase range of motion.

This firm therapeutic massage releases all your muscle tension, designed to soothe tired and aching muscles, ease knots, and relieve any tension and stiffness.

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