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Thinking About Feet…

With every step, at least double our weight is vertically forced back to our feet. With running, the action’s reaction force back into our feet is triple our weight.

Knowing this, makes it easy to see why after spending too much time on our feet, it not only stresses the feet but the rest of the body as well.

Remember that muscle movement aids our circulatory system in pumping blood, against gravity, back up to the heart.  Stretching before activity, including standing and sitting, reduces the chance of muscles spasm, strains, sprains, headaches and more.

Relieve Tired And Swollen Feet
Relieve Tired And Swollen Feet

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Our mission is to provide a high quality massage that will benefit individuals, provide both short and long-term relief from stress and chronic discomfort, and to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness after strenuous activity, and relax muscles, and reduce pain. By introducing massage to improve the overall health of the body and creating awareness of the effects and benefits of massage therapy. Re-Define Your Health.