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Sunstone Registered Massage Techniques – To Relieve Pain And Recover Leg Muscles

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[Sunstone Registered Massage Techniques – To Relieve Pain And Recover Leg Muscles]

There are many reasons why your legs may ache. Most commonly the culprit is muscle tension. Muscle tension from various places (eg low back, buttocks, calves, feet, neck) can contribute to leg pain. The location of leg pain is important too (eg. The sides, the front, the back etc.)

Leg pain in the front of the leg could be referral pain from internal hip muscle tensions, menstrual cycles (for women), gastrointestinal pressures, or simply a quadriceps (front of thigh muscle) strain and/or tension.

Knee pain and side of thigh pain can be due to a shortened or strained IT Band (a connective tissue band of fascia running the out-sides of our thighs).

Pain found in the back of the thigh is most common. Many immediately jump to the conclusion of Sciatica. Let’s look at other possibilities. Let’s also remember that not one area of the body is isolated and unable to affect the rest of the body.

Standing on our feet all day sends shock into our bodies from the bottom up.

Improper sleeping positions and jerky neck movements affect our bodies from the top down.

Sitting down too much (office work) creates tension in the gluteals (behind muscles) and this tension can refer up into the low back and down into the legs (mimicking Sciatica).

Massaging the cramped muscle increases circulation in the tissue, providing a rush of fresh blood to feed oxygen to and relax the tense muscles.

Swedish kneading techniques, neuromuscular and myo-fascial release techniques are particularly effective in this case.

Sunstone Registered Massage
Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy For Leg Pain Treatment

The good news is that these sources of pain with low back and leg pain are very treatable with massage therapy. The important point to remember is that prompt treatment is best, when the symptoms first appear.

Muscle education and stretching routines are included with each treatment to keep these aches and tensions from returning.

Waiting and hoping the pain will subside on its own often results in a longer treatment program and delays.

Our registered massage clinic is very experienced in treating muscle pain as well as leg pain.

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