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Back pain can originate from many places; our organs, subluxated joints, tight muscles, poor posture, stress, nerve compression/damage and more.

The three main areas for back pain are upper, middle and low back pain. Pain in each area can affect the body as a whole and/or the pain can remain localized.

The most common complaint is about low back pain.

Our daily activity patterns, including how often and how we lift, bend, twist, sit, stand, contribute most to back health. The positions we sleep in and how often we perform strenuous activities also play a large factor in our back’s health.

Identifying the root cause of the back pain is our main focus. A brief, yet detailed, physical assessment is required with your Sunstone RMT during the first 5 minutes of your treatment to help identify the main cause so that the massage itself is most effective.

Identifying The Root Cause Of The Back Pain

After your massage treatment your Sunstone RMT will recommend stretches and exercises designed to help prevent further injury and correct the root problems where possible.

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