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Massage Therapy For Insomnia – Good Night’s Sleep Without Drugs

Sunstone professional registered massage in Woodbridge Ontario can be very helpful in improving sleep, overcoming the difficulty of falling asleep, staying asleep and when you just can’t sleep; insomnia.

Insomnia: Researches have shown that massage therapy can help you sleep and reduce anxiety and depression. Stress, pain, ache, depression, bad sleeping patterns, drugs, medications, anxiety, irregular working schedule, etc are what sums up to insomnia. In other words, a build up to insomnia.

Massage therapy is the best natural way in promoting relaxation to the mind and the body. Stimulating the circulatory system provides fresh blood and nourishment to the muscles and brain.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing provides new oxygen to the body too.  Learning how to breathe, stretching and to understand the body allows us to calm ourselves in times of stress. Insomnia can be a time when our brain refuses to turn off and the events of our day come to the surface. Being patient with ourselves and learning how to calm ourselves on demand can ease the problem of insomnia and help to sleep better.

Focusing on our breathing is key. Sunstone Massage Therapy & Wellness Clinic therapists can teach you how to invoke calm and relaxation through breathing to help with sleeping.

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