Overuse Muscles And Massage Therapy

Are you active and overuse your muscles with repetitive actions?

Did you know when you constantly repeat certain movements you may cause a Muscle Strain.

Doing many barbell reps with weightlifting exercises can also result in injuries.

Everyday exercises and activities like gardening or even repetitive movements like doing weights at the gym for an extended period of time can result in overuse of muscles.

Your hands or arms are vulnerable to muscle overuse.

Next time you do certain activities know your limit before you overuse your muscles.

Typing on a computer all day (mouse scrolling social media warrior) or walking outside for long periods of time can result in muscle fatigue or you can experience muscle pain.

Underuse of muscles can also result in muscle injuries.

Too much and too little of muscle use can be the culprit – we need a balance.

What are the options/treatment for muscle overuse?

  • Rest
  • Apply Hot and Cold water
  • Massage
  • Seek Medical Treatment
  • Get professional help

  • See your doctor to determine the best strategy and approach for your muscle pain and muscle injury and ask if Massage Therapy can be added to the plan for recovery and to help strengthen the muscle and restore maximum functioning and movement.

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