Why Does It Feel So Good To Massage Sore Muscles

Research studies have noted the healing properties of Massage activates cellular activity and responds on the complex cellular level of cytokines, proteins and mitochondria.

The compounds of Cytokines and activity of Proteins are reduced. While Mitochondria are vital to sustain life; energy-producing organs of the cell are stimulated.

The mechanisms at the metabolic cellular level involved both stimulate and reduce each role of specific compounds.

Massage manipulation decreased the metabolic activity of Cytokines and proteins throughout the body for the effective reduction of muscle soreness and suppression of swelling; and it was found that massage manipulation played a role in the creation of Mitochondria at the metabolic cellular level.

The effects of tactical massage treatments, whether be any compound processes or changes at the cellular level act to decrease, reduce, increase to induce cell growth for enhancing cellular defenses, act in unison, or to correct imbalances; the body undeniably feels good after a massage.

Why does it feel so good to massage sore muscles?

Massage helps effectively decrease muscle inflammation, and Massage helps increase mitochondrial production which is a sign of tissue recovery.

Signature Sunstone Registered Massage Treatment will work wonders; leaving you feeling good and renewed.

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