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#MentalHealthWeek story – It’s #MentalHealthWeek!

Mental illness is a global health epidemic that effects nearly everyone. ‘Mental Illness’, is a general term that has a wide variety of conditions which affects the way you feel and think.

Living with mental illness is not easy. While there are many tips for better mental health – look at all your options and find the best option that works for you.

Note: Speak to your doctor for the best professional advice for your individual care.

Take care of your #MentalHealth!

How to take care of your mental health?

Here are some tips to help you make the day better and help you find balance in your life:

1) Avoid drinking alcohol.
2) Avoid soft drinks and drink water.
3) Be positive.
4) Breathe and relax.
5) Clean up your house to keep busy.
6) Connect with a co-worker.
7) Connect with your culture.
8) Connect with your family.
9) Connect with your friends.
10) Contact your doctor.
11) Create some art.
12) Dance and move around that makes you feel good.
13) Do Yoga.
14) Do some gardening to get your mind thinking about something else.
15) Do some stretching.
16) Enjoy a Registered Massage Therapy.
17) Enjoy life. My Life.
18) Get some fresh air.
19) Get some rest – why not sleep a little more.
20) Go for a short run.
21) Go for a walk outside.
22) Go the gym.
23) Keep busy and go grocery shopping.
24) Lift your arms up in the air, like you just don’t care! 🙂
25) Limit your coffee/tea (caffeine) intake.
26) Limit your computer / cell phone / internet social media use and focus on your own time.
27) Listen to music that makes you feel happy.
28) Look at all your positive things you’ve accomplished.
29) Meditate.
30) Organize your room.
31) Plan a day that is fun.
32) Read a book.
33) Rearrange your furniture.
34) See your doctor for advice.
35) Speak to someone who supports you.
36) Treat yourself to something you enjoy.
37) Use a coloring book and draw.
38) Wake up and eat a healthy breakfast to get the start of the day right.
39) Walk your pet outside.
40) Watch a movie that you like, that makes you feel good.
41) Write down, ‘things to do list’.


Registered Massage therapy can help promote relaxation and stress relief. Massage can help lower your stress level that can help boost your mood and improve your overall well-being.

Check in on your mental health and take time for yourself.

Are you experiencing a mental health crisis?

Go to the nearest hospital, or
Call 911, or
Call a crisis line.


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