Happy World Autism Awareness Day And Registered Massage Therapy

#WorldAutismAwarenessDay is on April 2nd.

This day is all about raising awareness for issues surrounding people with autism worldwide!

Don’t forget to wear something Blue today so you help increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

Sunstone Registered Massage Family Therapy supports providing children with ways to enhance their quality of life.

Research to assess the effectiveness of massage as a treatment option for autism is inconclusive.

However, Massage for infants and children with Autism have provided a positive way to connect with your child, helps contribute to relaxation, relieves anxiety and has helped to reduce overall stress.

Registered Massage Therapy allows the body to relax and calms the nervous system, relieves stress and promotes a sense of well being.

Speak to your primary doctor on the complementary and alternative treatments that are recommended for autism.

Get involved, spread awareness and be a part of a better world and society that works for autistic people.

Help be a part of a supportive community that allows autistic people to thrive.

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

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