Logan Boulet Effect Green Shirt Day And Positive Healthy Outcomes

On April 7th we remember Logan Boulet’s spirit of caring on Green Shirt Day, to promote organ donation.

There are many factors that can influence the decision to be an organ donor.

Medical Criteria:

Keep in mind, the criteria for being an organ donor is based on timing, and strict medical suitability.

Sensitive Subject Matter:

Discussions about being an organ donor are difficult given the emotional and sensitive subject matter.

Values And Customs:

You need to understand your own values and beliefs – with your faith, culture and religion plays an important role.

Traumatic Situation or Planned

Organ Donation is a traumatic situation and must be done with sensitivity to their unique situations. You can plan an organ donation by providing a life-sustaining gift to a member of your family, or even a close friend given you were determined as compatible or a “match” .

Selfless Generosity

However, organ donation is a wonderful selfless and generous act during a tragedy.

Organ donation can be a heartfelt act that can touch the lives of so many.

Or on Green Shirt Day, you can wear your green shirt in honour of hero Logan Boulet (#LoganBouletEffect) who is inspiring others to register.

Give the gift of life and help the health of the transplant recipient by saving their life.

Or consider speaking to your family about organ donation that can help save a life.

Remember it is your right to decide – free from pressure whether it’s for you or not for you.

Sunstone Registered Family Massage Therapy Centre supports #GreenShirtDay to be a part of positive healthy outcomes, living a stress free life, helping restore health and living a lifestyle that supports good health.

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