Equilibrium And Your Health

Do you wake up in the morning and feel dizzy?

Are you experiencing the room spinning?

Do you feel lightheaded?

  • Speak to your doctor immediately and visit the emergency room.

  • Ear (Inner Problems) Ear Infection:

    If you are suffering from an infection or virus the vestibular nerve can sell up from infection and result in dizziness and problems in walking and nausea.


    Balance is connected to your vision. You may have trouble with balance if you have vision problems.


    Vertigo is connected to the rotational spinning factor of movement. With Vertigo you may have abnormal sense of movement.


    Muscle imbalances may occur and effect your mobility.

    Tumor (Increased Pressure):

    Stiffness of specific parts of the body can occur, and there are many other signs and symptoms.

    Recent Surgery:

    Surgery can have effects on your equilibrium.

    Nervous System:

    The vestibular system controls the head and neck movements.

    Heart Health:

    Malfunction of the heart controlling oxygen can effect your rhythm and balance.

    Anxiety and Stress:

    Stress can cause dizziness. Seek help to restore your equilibrium.


    Walking and your tuned in motion can result from from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

    Change in Medications or the Start Of Medications:

    Medications can affect your balance.

    Speak to your professional doctor for help and ask about Massage Therapy as an option that can be included in your care.

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