How To Live Longer And Add Years To Your Life

Staying active can add years on your life so get moving. Its never too late to start moving. Did you know being inactive is very dangerous and directly effects your life span. The clock keeps ticking and by using your clock can keep you ticking longer or at least slow down the ticking.

With just moderate exercise researchers have found that with just under 30 minutes of walking a day you can add up to seven years to your life. Other studies published note that every hour of running can extend your life by seven hours. Another study reported that walking about 25 minutes daily can boost almost 7 years of longevity.

Running, walking and keeping active can add years to your life may be valid however, as long as you are taking care of your overall health in the absence of behavioural health risks as excessive smoking, sleep deprivation, drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy and high stress.

Adding years to your longevity is not just from keeping active, running and walking – it also depends on keeping healthy habits and healthy lifestyle choices to significantly reduce your risk of death.

There are many healthy habits that can support our ticking time clock, tick longer.

Living with unhealthy habits can undeniably be dangerous as well and shorten your life span dramatically!

How can you keep active and live longer?

Speak to your doctor and get a medical check up before starting any new exercise routine and on how to safely keep active.

Keeping active really makes a difference in your life. Get moving and get healthy – exercise is good for you.

Having healthy habits can help you live longer.

Remember, the importance of combining healthy habits with keeping active should be emphasized to contribute to your longevity of life. There are endless healthy habits and lifestyle choices that could add years to your life. Once you have good healthy habits you can see positive effects in your life and in your lifespan.

Massage therapy is a healthy habit that adds to your healthy lifestyle and promotes being active, helps your body’s muscles recover, reduce stress, joint ailments and can treat various conditions.

Massage has many health benefits that can improve your overall health. Massage can be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Living active with a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits are important ways people can add years to your life.

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