25 Different Ways To Celebrate Earth Day And Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22.

Support environmental protection for all species and our earth.

It’s time to celebrate earth day.

Here are great ways to minimize your impact on the planet, and the steps you can take to save mother earth.

Return balance to our earth to help humanity from extinction.

Help the earth for better health.

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

1 Add plants to your home.
2 Be on top of your health and ensure living healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for both you and our planet.
3 Carpooling
4 Clean up on your street or your local park (wear safe gloves).
5 Collect rainwater to water your yard.
6 Compost your waste.
7 Don’t use bottle water.
8 Get an essential massage with organic earth friendly oils to take care of your wellness enjoying natural therapy.
9 Go paperless
10 Install solar panels.
11 Leave your car at home
12 Plant a garden
13 Power down your computer.
14 Recycle
15 Repurpose jars.
16 Stop leaky faucets.
17 Support organic foods
18 Switch to energy-saving light bulbs.
19 Take a walk
20 Turn off the lights
21 Turn your faucet off when washing dishes.
22 Use household vinegar to clean your home instead of chemicals.
23 Use reusable bags.
24 Use reusable lunch containers and reusable coffee mugs.
25 Wash dishes by hand. (don’t leave the water running).

How will you get involved for Earth Day?

There are numerous long term rewards for our earth. I hope you find this list helpful. One small change can help make a huge impact!

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