Join The Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy 365 Day Health Challenge, 365 Day Health Challenge With Massage Therapy

How can we stay healthy during the year?

Challenge yourself to keeping healthy throughout the entire year.

Can you stay on your health journey?

Are you ready to commit to a week, a month or even a year towards your health?

Health-conscious, what does it mean?

Your journey to good health is a work in progress so try your best. 365 Day Health Challenge is the opportunity to reach your health goals by trying something new that is healthy.

What’s next? 365 Day Health Challenge!

It’s a personal challenge to stay health-conscious.

Here is how to stay healthy and focused throughout the year.

Try one idea on the list and add some of your own healthy habits everyday! It is a surprisingly achievable health goal!

1 – Avoid junk food and soda pop.
2 – Avoid stress.
3 – Be active
4 – Be creative.
5 – Body awareness is actively listening to your body.
6 – Chiropractic check.
7 – Complete your self-exams to be on the sure side.
8 – Cook at home vs eating out (fast-food).
9 – Cook using non-toxic pots and pans.
10 – Drink enough water
11 – Drink in moderation (alcohol)
12 – Eat healthy foods.
13 – Eat well as recommended by your doctor.
14 – Exercise
15 – Get medical exams even if you are healthy.
16 – Go for a walk
17 – Go outside and get fresh air
18 – Have fun.
19 – Improve your financial goals.
20 – Improve your health.
21 – Inspect your body with a full skin check – check for moles, spots and changes. Explore Body Subtleties!
22 – Join a sports club
23 – Laugh.
24 – Massage Therapy (Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) helping with muscle pain relief, reduce tissue restrictions, improve joint mobility and relaxation.)
25 – Meditate
26 – Prepare your food yourself.
27 – Quit smoking.
28 – Read a book
29 – Save money.
30 – See your doctor for checkups.
31 – Sleep well, it allows you to rejuvenate, repair and heal.
32 – Smile.
33 – Speak to your doctor on recommended foods.
34 – Speak to your doctor on your fitness routine.
35 – Spend more time with your family.
36 – Spend more time with your pets.
37 – Stay happy.
38 – Stay positive
39 – Staycation.
40 – Surround yourself with loves ones.
41 – Take needed breaks.
42 – Yoga participation

This entire year stay on track to healthy habits. Try to be healthier than the person you were last year. Stay motivated this year with this 365-day health project. You’ve got this.

Improve your daily lifestyle and make this year focused on your health. You’re 365 days away from being healthier.

How to set your health goal?

Strong healthy habits, proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can truly improve your life.

Please ask your family doctor about your best health option needs.

How about joining the Sunstone Registered Massage Therapy 365 Day Health Challenge?

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