Exercising Your Eyes And Massage Therapy

Which exercise is good for our eyes?

Have you ever tried exercising your eyes?

Without moving your head, follow the frame of the window.

Without moving your head, focus your vision between an object near and then an object that is far away.

You can use your thumb and move it from side to side at various distances and follow with your eyes.

Try to roll your eyes gently in one direction and then back again.

Try blinking gently.

Try closing your eyelids. (Close your eyes)

Trace your vision along a Figure Eight.

Zooming, bring your thumb closer to you and keep it in focus, and then move your thumb away and stay focused.

Registered Massage Therapy can help reduce muscle tension and soreness. Visit a Registered Massage Therapists to learn more about massaging the back of the head and temples to feel relaxation and to learn about eye strain.

Massage therapy helps soothe your eyes as you experience relaxation.

Eye exercises can help reduce or minimize eye strain.

Speak to your doctor to learn more about Eye Exercises to help you feel better.

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