Massage For Fire Arms Training

Your adrenalin is rushing because you are experiencing the exhilaration of shooting with either firearms or air guns.

Which complex muscles systems are important for the standing position:

  • Thenar Hypothenar (muscle groups)
  • First digit flexors (finger flexors)
  • Forearm muscles (powers the finger that pulls the trigger)
  • GH Joint (Pectoralis Major, Anterior Deltoid, Biceps, Coracobrachialis, Teres Major and Subscapularis)
  • Ocular muscle (eye control, movement and focusing)
  • Erector spinae muscles (hold us standing)
  • Hip and core stabilizers
  • Anterior and Posterior leg muscles
  • What you learn through massage you can apply on the range.

    Massaging and stretching may prevent cramped muscles with a proper warm-up and cool-down.

    Massage can show you the muscles to relax and minimize the spasm or shaking either in your arm or leg while standing, kneeling, unsupported, supported or prone.


    Lets start with breathing, massage helps with breathing and timing to minimize movement in the chest and to boost body awareness. Keep yourself focused on your sights with breathing techniques. Breath control while in action is key.


    Relaxation also reduces muscle fatigue and unnecessary movement to keep you aimed. Massage is all about relaxation that supports calming the mind, body and the nervous system.


    Massage helps loosen fatigued muscles biceps, shoulders, pectorals, and forearms. Core stability is essential for the upper body to help support your spine and shoulders and with core exercises and massage it’s a powerful combination.


    By stretching out your hands you can improve stiffness, range of motion and hand grip strength to get you in shape.


    Massage helps reinforce healthy and natural movements including your balance point and breathing.


    Focus includes steadiness, muscle endurance, strength and stamina. Keep your eye on the sight picture and get in the zone.


    Massage helps relieve cramps for legs and calves and supports steadiness of weight shifting of your upper body to be effective in your body mechanics.

    NOTE: DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE may cause muscle fatigue, muscle tiredness and may result in arms, hands and legs shaking; unable to keep steady. DO NOT RECEIVE A DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE PRIOR TO GOING ON THE RANGE!

    RELAXATION MASSAGE IS RECOMMENDED for warm-up, cool down of related muscles, breathing, balance, hand grip and focus for your next target practice.

    Remember safety first! Safe direction! Safety on!

    Follow the directions of the Range Officer at all times.

    What you learn through massage you can apply on the shooting range with your stance, muscle shooting mechanisms, muscle injury prevention and maximize muscle performance to help you go for marksman or markswoman.

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