World Laughter Day And Healing Benefits

World Laughter Day And Healing Benefits Laughter!

It’s good for your health!

There are many health benefits to laughing. A good laugh can give you a rush.

When you laugh you stimulate your body and increase oxygen for intake for your heart, lungs and muscles.

Laughing helps relieve your stress.

Bust out a good joke and laugh – laugh and laugh.

Feel happier with a good comedy show or a good funny meme.

Have a sense of humor and laugh out loud and make your stress go away.

Did you know, laughter can release endorphins and lowers stress too.

Get out your best jokes and execute the best punch line for your next laugh!

Why not, even laugh at yourself!

The healing properties of laughing are many so give out a chuckle on World Laughter Day!

At Sunstone Registered Massage we would like to celebrate World Laughter Day – we promote wellness and your overall well-being with regular therapeutic massage therapy treatments.

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