Registered Massage Therapist By A Human Vs Programmed Massage Chairs

Let’s be honest we all love massages so which is better? The answer is both, here is why:


Positive Aspects:

Level of pressure can be adjusted by a dialed in button with a massage chair.

Your guide to you hitting the right spot is you pressing buttons to set computer auto programmed configuration motor options for an invigorating custom massage by activating airbags, rollers and heat sensors.

Robotic Massage Chair can easily adjust the pulsating and target the key pressure points during the massage however a Registered Massage Therapist can determine what areas to target. Once you know your aliment and targeted muscle groups a chair can supplement your treatment and recovery.

Robot feels like a strong hand. The chair has leg and arm compression and internal quad rollers that move up and down the back.

Robot give you a programmed professional full body coverage massage from head to toes in the comfort of your very own home.

Negative Aspects:

Existing muscle injuries can be further injured by blindly massaging with a chair with deep pressure that should be avoided.

Sometimes what you think is doing good for your body and muscles are actually injuring your body. So relying only on a Chair Massage can result in further damage to muscles or aggravate inflammation.

The chair does not have the power of human touch.

Massage With A Human, Registered Massage Therapist, RMT Vaughan Ontario
Massage With A Human Registered Massage Therapist RMT Vaughan Ontario

Massage With A Human Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Positive Aspects:

Registered Massage Therapists have years of skills and anatomy training and knowledge of muscle groups – robots have advanced programming technology.

Registered Massage Therapist has no limit to the programs as a chair has its set programmed limitations.

A RMT can determine muscle injury and length of massage time that is the safest. With a robot you can reset the massage program and over massage without knowing the safest massage length of treatment.

Registered Massage Therapist can feel the muscle knots and apply the right pressure and manipulation with various techniques as they are trained. Your guide to a safe massage is through a trained expert.

A RMT can determine muscle injury, understand your body and understand our complex body systems for overall care.

A RMT can determine which muscle groups should be targeted with extensive anatomy knowledge and expertise.

RMT is trained in the following soft tissue manipulation with various applied pressure intensities and on and off combinations as needed.

Sliding, kneading and stretching. Manipulation of soft tissue by:

  • · Effleurage – sliding and gliding
  • · Petrisage – kneading and compression
  • · Tapotement – percussive technique (similar to tapping or percussion)
  • · Friction and rubbing
  • · Vibration
  • · Static Touch (holding)
  • · Static Vibration (touch without movement)
  • · Static Coarse Vibration – fine vibration


    In conclusion, both have their benefits that are truly an investment in your health and can therapeutically boost your circulatory and immune systems.

    You will have your own massage with a robot and you will have a massage therapist who can determine the specific body area, massage type, intensity and speed at which to apply the massage.

    RMT helps determine the massage type given your alignment.

    A Robot can target the muscle pain once you identify the muscle groups that are connected to enhance that chairs ability to achieve relief of specific ailments.

    Robot Massage Chair can fine-tune your controls – so can a RMT with precision targeting the culprit muscles and interconnected muscle groups.

    Human touch or advanced technology.

    Massage chairs can simulate the benefits of a human massage.

    Massage robotic chairs can mimic the movements of a human massage and give you exactly what you need, however, a RMT can determine what your muscles need and determine injury, inflammation and specific treatment type.

    A RMT can determine muscle injury and a Robot Massage Chair can not. However, both can provide some measure of pain relief and relaxation.

    Overall, whether a Massage robotic chair or a Human Registered Massage Therapist, they both provide a versatility healing craft of a soothing relaxing therapeutic massage experience that supports your health.

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