Why Should I Bring My Family Health History To My Registered Massage Therapist, Vaughan Ontario RMT

Why should I bring my family health history to my Registered Massage Therapist to provide better healthcare and reduce your risk of developing a condition.

You can reduce the risk of getting conditions by making healthy lifestyle changes and having regular check-ups and getting healthcare advice from your doctor.

You should know your family’s health history

It is recommended that you are aware of your family health history and share it with your health care provider. A family health history can help identify if you are at higher risk for certain conditions.

If you are at higher risk, your doctor can suggest lifestyle changes that may slow or stop the development of many conditions or catch the onset of the disease to ensure your survival.

Talk to your family members and relatives about their health information – look for patterns. Note the medical conditions, disorders and diseases that run in your family. Learning more about your family’s health history and what genes were passed on to you from your parents – you can learn more about you.

While your family’s health history may be a good start to identifying a high incidence of a certain condition in your family it does not mean that you will definitely develop that condition.

Is there a family history of any of the following?


· High blood pressure
· Low Blood pressure
· Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
· Heart Attack
· Phlebitis / Varicose Veins
· Stroke / CBA
· Pacemaker or similar device
· Heart Disease

Is there a family history of any of the following?


· Hepatitis
· Skin conditions
· TB
· Herpes
· Loss of Sensation
· Diabetes
· Allergies
· Hypersensitivity
· Epilepsy
· Cancer
· Arthritis

Record your family health history and protect you and your family. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent the development of many conditions.

List any medical conditions that you have to ensure the safest massage treatment. This information is necessary to treat you safely.

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