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If you are experiencing pain, soreness, numbness, tingling, weakness, sensory loss, altered reflexes, burning or paralysis you could be suffering from a pinched nerve.

There can be many reasons for a pinched nerve. Pressure or force can be caused by many culprits that disrupt the normal functioning of the nerve.

Here are some reasons for a pinched nerve:

1. Pressure on your nerve

2. Damage to your nerve

3. Predisposed genetics

4. Stress

5. Repetitive or overuse use of your muscles (sports injury)

6. Poor posture

Body structures that may impinge on a nerve:

When the nerve is compressed by a cartilage, bone, muscle or other connective tissues you may have a pinched nerve and this can develop throughout the body.

1. Headaches

2. Shoulder pain

3. Neck pain

4. Leg pain

5. Upper back pain / Lower back pain

6. Shoulder (shoulder blade) pain

7. Hip pain

8. Arm pain (tingling)

9. Knee pain

10. Foot pain

Can Massage Therapy Treat A Pinched Nerve?

Sunstone Registered Massage therapy can treat a pinched nerve with Swedish Massage, Relaxation massage or Deep tissue depending on your condition. A Registered Massage therapist can ensure the pressure is not excessive for a safe massage.

In most cases a pinched nerve will adjust itself on its own. However, if the pain persists – you may experience awkward body positions to avoid the soreness or pain from a pinched nerve. Massage can help relieve the pain intensity and minimize the soreness by relaxing the muscles.

If you are experiencing severe symptoms that impede your normal daily functioning, seek medical attention for your pain for corrective treatment immediately.

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