Sunstone Massage Therapy For The Green Thumb Of Gardening

Gardening for many is relaxing – a way to stay fit and to get fresh air outdoors. And nothing beats fresh vegetables picked from your own backyard garden.

If you ask any gardener about planting fresh vegetables or planting their favorite flowers or even adding soil to thier raised garden bed with a shovel, they would say: it’s ever so rewarding and relaxing.

Gardening requires a delicate touch when carefully planting tiny seeds and also can be a strenuous back breaker when turning soil or a mild finger grip-squeeze motion by mulching banana peels for rich homemade fertilizer.

Gardening is a form of escape, tuning out of your work life and your hectic day! At the same time gardening is an outlet to tune into your body and be physically active.

When you are occupied with gardening your relaxing the whole body.

Protect yourself from sun with a sun hat, and use gloves for safety.

The benefits of gardening goes a long way with the physical exercise of digging, lifting soil bags, bending, twisting, pulling out weeds, bending your knees, picking up rocks, cutting branches and much much more.

The whole body benefits from gardening; even the light task of standing up-right when watering the flower bed.

Watering The Flower Bed Sunstone Registered Massage

Gardening also brings aches and pains without stretching and repetitive tasks can injure or strain your muscles. Gardening involves physical strain and over-worked muscles can easily become fatigued and tired.

Sunstone Registered Family Massage Therapy supports your green thumb for your body’s soil, to minimize stress, relive targeted muscle pain and stiffness, maintain and improve flexibility; to continue to enjoy your luscious green garden.

A healthy soil is a healthy garden. A healthy body is a healthy mind and a happier life with Sunstone Registered Massage.

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