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Are you thinking about Suicide?

If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, you need to know you are not alone. Life can feel overwhelming and difficult. Reach out and talk about it – is the first step. If you are in immediate need call the 24/hour suicide crisis line in your area.

Are you feeling suicidal? Seek help. Speak to a professional for help. See your doctor. Your health care provider can offer you a safe place to talk. Share your feelings.

Remove The Risk.

Remove all items that could be potentially harmful like sharp objects, knives, firearms, medications or anything else that you can hurt yourself with.

Seeking help can help you with solutions to your problem. When you seek help you can improve your situation and recover. Remember you will make it through these experiences and there can be positive changes. You have a great future ahead.

Suicide Warning Signs:

If you are talking about wanting to die.

If you are talking about wanting to kill yourself.

If you are writing a suicide note.

If you are thinking of a plan to kill yourself.

If you are feeling exhausted and are on a rollercoaster of emotions.

If you are feeling trapped with no way out.

If you are saying goodbye to those close to you.

If you are not sleeping well or sleeping too much.

If you are not concerned about your personal hygiene or appearance.

If you are anxious and have stress.

You are frustrated and losing your patience.

You are doing risky behaviour.

Giving away your possessions.

You lost your job.

You are experiencing prolonged stress with harassment or bullying.

You are experiencing a stressful life event, relationship break-up, divorce or a financial crisis.

Increasing in the use of drugs and alcohol.

You are not alone and there is help! Reach out and communicate. There is hope – everything will be better.

While there are many healthy strategies, know that someone cares about you, you belong and your are important. Have hope that things will get better with time. You deserve to live happily. You fit in the world and everything is worth living.

Sunstone Registered Massage recognizes that dealing with personal challenges can have serious effects on our health, well-being and personal life, as well as your involvement and performance in the workplace.

Sunstone Registered Massage is one way to help you deal with the stresses that you face personally, with your family, friends and with situations.

How to manage stress at times of pain? It’s important to have some strategies to reduce your stress:

Call the suicide crisis line.

See your doctor.

Reach out to a family member or a close friend.

Speak to someone.

Don’t be alone.

Meet a friend in person. (face-to-face)

Do not take any drugs or alcohol.

Get a good nights sleep.

Eat well.

Participate in social activities.

Go to the gym (healthy activity)

Connect with your positive hobby.

Connect with your faith, religion or spirituality.

Create positive visualizations in your mind.



Laugh is a great feeling.

Listen to music.

Get a massage can help with stress, depression, and strengthen your immune system.

Do yoga.


Sunstone Registered Massage is a community Vaughan RMT clinic focusing on health with a great expression of commitment and compassion for those experiencing thoughts and behaviours of suicide.

Our purpose is to encourage healthy living with healthy lifestyles to decrease stress levels in all aspects of your life.

At Sunstone Registered Massage, we are a safe place to reach out – to connect and find healthy strategies to cope with your situation and pain.

Sunstone Registered Holistic Massage encourages you to be open to healthy solutions and to talk about suicide, general health and your well being.

REMEMBER YOUR FUTURE IS BRIGHT SO REACH OUT – CALL 911 to talk to someone or contact your physician.

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